Since 2015 we have been proving our theories and patent pending processes in hundreds of pools for a healthier and more comfortable swimming experience in the hot, humid and raining conditions of Tampa, FL. Our H2O2 Pool Process uses a threefold approach using UV Sterilization, Ozone Generation and Carcinogen Free Chemistry that uses Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide as the primary sanitizer.

Conventional Chlorine Processes and even Salt Chlorine Generators are in a continuous battle with the sun's rays to keep Chlorine Levels in your pool high enough to kill bacteria and destroy organic matter. We decided to quit fitting a battle we cannot win and work with the sun, like Mother Nature, to keep our pools clear and beautiful.

By bringing innovative new products and processes to market, we have achieved what was once thought of as too expensive or not even possible. We first mechanically and chemically remove debris from the system to reduce the bio load that has to be treated. Reducing the overall work load of the entire system. Second, we use the power of the sun and destroy 99.99% of the bacteria and pathogens commonly found in pool water. Last we super oxygenate your pool's water to sanitize and enrich your families swimming experience!

Carcinogen Free Swimming is now an affordable option for everyone! With a clear equipment package and natural chemical regiment we have taken the guess work out of healthy pool chemistry. No more expensive chemicals or unending questions about how safe your pool is. We have everything you need in one place with years of testing and most importantly ... Proving anyone can have a Healthy Pool!

Stop wasting time and money at your local pool store for overpriced hazardous chemicals. No longer do you have to carry damaging pool chemicals in your family car. With our monthly box service, you can have the safest, most comfortable pool on the block without ever leaving home. We are here to help! Telephone, email and online chat support are available to insure your questions are answered promptly. We can either walk you through step by step or give you an in depth break down on the system. We are happy to assist no matter your knowledge level of pools. Give us a call today! 727-484-6874